In addition to items offered on our web site, we display our products at many street fairs and craft shows in New Jersey.  We looked forward to seeing you at these events.  Unfortunately, most of the craft shows in which we had planned to participate in during 2020 have been canceled due to COVID-19 conditions and social distancing restrictions. 


If you're ever in Manasquan, you can always stop in at the Yellow Daisy.  The Yellow Daisy carries an assortment of my placemats and runners and also the embroidered towels and bibs. You can always purchase items from my website and my face book page.  If you see something that you would like, just send me an email or message me.  Also, to save on postage, items purchased from my website can be picked up at the Yellow Daisy if you live in the vicinity. It does take a few days to have your order ready for pickup in Manasquan.

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